Wednesday, August 15, 2012

flying in africa

most kids on their birthday get a new video game. or a basketball. well for my birthday i flew a plane. on our safari we go from lodge to lodge in little five seater planes. well at firs i got in the cockpit just because that was an open seat. the the pilot let me just put my hands on the wheel at take off(he was still flying). so i thought that he would fly the plane while i had my hands on the wheel. then i felt a sudden drop in altitude. i looked over at the pilot and i see that his hands are not on the wheel. he looked at me and said you doing good. then he showed me one of the most important gages on the dash board. that gage showed me if i was going down(dropping in altitude) or going up(rising in altitude). then it showed how many feet per min. i was dropping if i was going down. so when we saw the landing strip i said to the pilot "this is awesome" my reply…."good because you landing it" i landed safely on the ground with a little help from the pilot.

when i got off that flight i sat their and said "I JUST FLEW A PLANE"

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